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Bastian - Golden Retriever

Honour and remember your furry friends with a painted portrait!

- A painting expresses something more than a photograp and makes a great subject of conversation when you have guests! It makes a great gift for someone you love, and strengthens the memory of your beloved pet when they're gone... Choose between acrylic or watercolour, and I will paint your dog, cat or any other animal, wherever you live in the world!


I paint with love and attention to detail, to make your pet portrait unique and special to you or the one who will receive it! Don't forget to have a look at my gallery page and feel free to contact me for further info by email or via the contact fields on the left. Thank you for visiting! :-)


Adele Jaunn


A watercolour portrait is a perfect and unique gift!


From 900 NOK ($100 USD approx)


Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri - Border Collie

This unique portrait was commissioned by Zak George, one of America's leading, professional dog trainers. Alpha Centauri is 9 years old and has performed all over America in shows, and of course stars in Zak's own videos! He is described by Zak as being "as loving as he is focused"!I recommend taking a look at the fantastic training videos on Zak`s YouTube channel HERE! :-)

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